Bright white powder based on high-quality white cement, Waldies Putty is the best fir for your walls. Waldies DWALL Putty provides a spotless finish to your walls with 10-15% coverage gain!


How to prepare the material

Waldies DWALL Putty is uncomplicated when it comes to application. Be it a professional or a first-timer, the applicant will not have a problem when applying!


Prepare Solution

Use 100 GMs of Waldies DWall Putty and 35-45 GMs of clean water. Use grinder or spatula or manual mixing.


Blend Material

Adequately and constantly mix the solution to ensure homogenous mixing of all ingredients. Apply with Putty Blade.


Yay! Done.

Apply the lump-free material with Putty blades and let the wall dry for 4-6 hours before applying another coat!

Product Features

Waldies DWALL Putty provides spotless and smooth decorative finish to your walls with 10-15% coverage area gain. The ready-to-use putty is adequate for all conditions, externally, internally and/or multiple surfaces.

Self Cure - Maximum Binding Properties

High-quality white cement Vinyl Acetate and Ethylene Copolymer based makes the putty blended with excellent binding properties.

Healthy Life

The feature to withstand water and damp makes DWALL Putty the best healthiest putty available in the market, which takes care of your Wall with true care.


With the industry leaders as our chief chemist and supervisors, the durability of the product can also be assured by the quality of raw material we procure. DWALL Putty is the best available on market!


Waldies boasts of its international standard production, hence the output is consistent in every batch we produce!


DWall Putty is comparatively reasonable in cost due to the low paint absorption property. It also doesn't require a coat of primer, hence the cost is ultimately low.

Better Coverage Area

Close to 20 SQFT / KG / MM, Waldies DWALL Putty can cover upto 12-14 SQFT in two coats. The first and second coat must not exceed 1.5 mm and 1.0 mm respectively.


Waldies DWall Putty ensures delivery of a coverage area of 20 sqft/kg/mm thickness where the material must not exceed 1.5 MM in the first and 1.0 mm in the second coat.


DWall Putty is available in two variants. 20 KGs and 40 KGs packed in BOPP bags for comfortable handling.


Use Putty Blade and spatula for application of material for a smooth finish. Use a textured trowel for desired finish.


We ensure you the quality which is unmatched nationally! Waldies DWall Putty is built on the basis of quality consciousness. Waldies as a brand is widely recognized for its quality and we standby it!

Made for you

Waldies DWall Putty is not an expensive product built for the giant real estate houses. Unlike the market, DWall Putty will be available in the market at the lowest pricing!

Precise timepiece

Waldies precisely masters itself in its delivery. To put it into perspective, our factory has been in motion for more than 1384080 hours!


Don’t take our word, see what market experts say about our product. We have served the best, know from them!


DWALL Wall Putty suffices our needs and provides high degree of brightness on our walls. DWALL is our first choice when it comes to our premium projects!


We used DWALL branded Putty on our project and the quality of the material was the best we have used thus far! - Sameer Agarwal


Putty is an essential raw material when it comes to taking care of our walls.. since its applied on should be of good quality and DWALL Putty is among the best we have used.



Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to [email protected].

What is Wall Putty? How it works?

Wall Putty is a white-cement based binder which helps to give your wall Quality finish. In modern usage, if a standard quality of Wall Putty is used, the consumption of paint decreases at a stringent rate. Which ultimately saves cost anywhere between 10% to 15%

Is primer necessary?

Vinyl Acetate and Ethylene CoPolymer properties present during the production of Wall Putty ensures excellent binding properties, which in turns makes Primer not necessary. In fact, with no requirement of Primer, the cost of application of DWALL Putty further descends the cost.

Plaster or Paris or Wall Putty?

The coverage area and life of Wall Putty are 2 to 3 times better than that of a regular POP. The binding properties present in Wall Putty increases the durability of the product, whereas POP's inadequate binding property makes it inferior to Wall Putty. The high degree of whiteness in Wall Putty is also comparatively better than POP, which has a yellowish finish.

How to store DWall Putty properly?

DWall Putty must be stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Open the material only when you plan to use it. Best before 6 months from the date of production if stored under recommended guidance and unopened.


Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the watch. We’ve used Latest technology & quality materials

Tensile Pullout Adhesion

Flexural Strength

Compressive Strength

Pot Life

Water Absorption

Karsten Tube

Water Demand by Volume

Surface Hardness



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